Dreadlocks in Killeen

Achieving and maintaining healthy and stylish dreadlocks is no easy task. The application of high-quality dreads requires customized care and the best products and techniques. The lock experts at Shades of Color Salon have been specializing in dreads for years and have the skills required to create fantastic dreads and help you to maintain them.

Whether you need to relock your dreads, or you want to try them out for the first time, our team is here to help you.

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Making a Consultation and Appointment at Our Dreadlocks Salon

Conducting consultations gives us the chance to get to you know you and your hair. Looking at the thickness, length, and natural textures in your hair can help us to determine which dreadlocking method is right for you. Depending on your hair type, dreading appointments can last up to six hours. We will estimate a duration during the consultation process. This allotted time will allow us to determine how long your hair will take to lock and the ways you should properly care for your dreads once they are applied.

Making an appointment at the studio is easy and efficient. Simply call us or stop by our relaxing studio to set up your consultation today.

Professional Care at Shades of Color Salon’s Dreadlocks Salon

Our team of talented individuals has the experience needed to give you awesome healthy, dreaded hair. We understand that each client has a unique vision when it comes to their lock goals. That’s why we always set up consultations with new clients. We offer a variety of dread methods to suit each client’s hair type and needs.

Dread Methods

  • Interlocking Dreadlocks
  • Backcombing
  • Extensions
  • Palm Rolling

Dreadlock Repair

Dreadlocks can get damaged easily. Dreads that are not carefully moisturized and washed can get too thick and heavy. Dreads that are thinning and brittle can experience breakage. We are pleased to offer repair services so that you can continue to enjoy your dreadlocks.

To help you to combat these issues, our team offers the following services:

  • We can lighten dreads that are too thick or heavy by carefully splitting them into two or three pieces.
  • We can relock dreads to re-strengthen them.
  • We can apply several natural hydrating serums to promote health.
  • We can repair dreads that have begun to break.

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Do you want to have your dreadlocks repaired? Do you want to learn about interlocking dreads and other dread application methods? Want to try this convenient look for yourself? We are here to help you with your dreadlocking needs.

We are proud to offer affordable, professional dreadlock repair, and care.

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