Fade Haircuts in Round Rock

If you want a haircut that is modern yet professional, edgy yet manageable, then a fade haircut is just the style you need.

At Shades of Color Salon, we specialize in male haircuts, specifically the fade or blend haircut, which is a style that tapers the side and back of your head while leaving your hair on top to do whatever you want it to do. The fade is a very popular and versatile style that looks amazing on a multitude of hair types.

If you’re looking for a team of skilled stylists to pull off a sleek fade, look no further. To book a consultation, come into our studio or call us now at (512) 819-6266!

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The Top-Choice for Fade Haircuts

Fades come in an array of variations, and we can tailor your style to make it exactly what you want.

To get a quick idea of the most popular men’s fade styles, here is a quick style guide:

Low Fade

The low fade is a very popular fade that begins just above the ear and very gradually gets longer to the top

Mid Fade

The mid fade is shaved bald until a few inches above the ear and then gradually gets longer. This style is a good medium between a conservative low fade and an edgy high fade

High Fade

The high fade begins halfway up the head making for a larger contrast and super clean, edgy look

Taper Fade

Unlike the low, mid, and high fades, a taper haircut fade does not involve shaving the hair all the way down but rather tapering the hair as it reaches your neckline. The taper fade is a classic cut that is conservative yet sexy and versatile.

Patterns, Line-ups, and Designs

There is always an opportunity to customize your fade and make it unique by adding patterns or designs to the side or having sharp hairlines created using the line-up technique. These options look especially good with afros and tight curly hair types.

Our Fade Haircut Experts

Creating an expert looking fade cut takes a lot of skill and focus. All of our stylists have the expertise to give you a cut you’ll want to show off to the world.

To find out more about the fade haircuts and styling we offer, call (512) 819-6266 or stop by to set up a consultation.

Fade Haircut Appointments

Booking an appointment with us could not be easier. For friendly professional staff, a chill and relaxing environment and fabulous results, simply call us to set up your consultation.

Consultation Process

Conducting a brief and thorough consultation will allow us to get an understanding of your personal style and natural hair texture. This way we will be able to create a fade design that works seamlessly on your head.

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