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At Shades of Color Salon, we know how challenging it can be to find a hairstylist that will give you the exact cut or style you are looking for. That’s why our team of talented and accommodating stylists always strive to make customer satisfaction our top priority.

By taking the time to sit down and talk to you about your hair needs and goals, we are able to pull off stunning hair transformations that make our clients feel and look their personal best.

With thorough consultations, top of the line products, talented stylists, and unbeatable prices, our team is who you need to get the amazing hair care you’ve been looking for.

To find out more about our services, or to book a consultation, call (512) 819-6266 now or stop by our studio.

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Shades of Color Salon’s Personalized Hair Consultations

Unlike other local hair salons, our team always take the time to sit down with each new client and get an idea of their hair texture and their personal style. In order to create a style that you will love day in and out, we must make sure we are using the appropriate products and techniques.

Different hair textures require customized care. We will help educate you on the specific needs of your texture and find you a style that you’ll be dying to show off.

Consultations will also allow us to discuss price point and appointment duration, making sure that the client and stylist are on the same page.

Top Industry Products at Our Hair Studio

One of the biggest differences between doing your hair at home and getting it done at the salon is that we carry only the best hair products. This ensures that your hair is getting top-class treatment.

Being one of only a handful of natural hair salons, we also believe in the importance of nurturing your natural locks. We can recommend products and at-home care methods to ensure that your hair looks and feels gorgeous every day. 

Helping our clients to fall in love with their natural beauty by promoting healthy self-care practices is a part of the reason we love what we do!

Talented and Versatile Hair Stylists

We aren’t kidding when we say that our stylists are some of the best in the business. Each of our hair experts is trained to understand the customized care and styling methods that must be used for styling a variety of hair types. Whether your hair is curly, kinky, coiled, wavy, straight, dry, thinning, or damaged, we have a talented stylist that will help you reach your hair goals.

We want everyone that enters our space to feel welcomed and accommodated for. That’s why we make sure all our stylists are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  We are proud to offer you a fabulous team!

Contact Us Now for Beautiful Results at the Best Hair Salon in Round Rock

When it comes to what defines a great hair studio, the proof is in the results. We always give our customers beautiful transformations they rave about!

Customers love that:

  • Their hair is styled the way they wanted it.
  • Their hair feels soft and healthy after their cut or treatment.
  • They leave having a better understanding of how to care for their natural hair.
  • The price is right!

For amazing service and stunning hair call us now or come into the studio to schedule a consultation today!