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Are you thinking about locking your hair? Do your current dreadlocks need some love and maintenance? At Shades of Color Salon we have been specializing in dreadlocks for years and have the expertise you need to get healthy dreadlocks with a professional look.

Locking your hair is a convenient and fashionable style that requires a skilled application method and careful maintenance. No matter your hair texture or length, our team can help you achieve the locked look you want at a price that won’t surprise you.

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Meet the Expert Team at Shades of Color Salon’s Dreadlocks Salon

Our team of talented stylists has been working with dreadlocks for years. We have the professional-grade products and careful techniques needed to achieve beautiful and healthy dreadlocks for all.

We know that each of our clients has a different vision about the locked look they are trying to achieve. Our team will work with you closely to come up with a locking plan that promotes health and works well for your hair texture.

Dreadlock Repair

Not only have we become experts at applying dreads, but we also specialize in dread repair. Without careful maintenance, care, and hydration, it is easy for your dreads to become damaged.

Here are a few dreadlock issues we can help you fix:

  • Dreadlocks that are coming undone
  • Dreads that are too thick or too heavy
  • Dreads that are experiencing breakage or damage
  • Dreads that are too dry and require thorough hydration

The health of your dreads can also be promoted by using different oils, moisturizing products, and making dietary changes, all of which we can recommend to you!

Interlocking Dreadlocks and Other Dreading Techniques

We offer a variety of dreading techniques depending on your hair texture, style, and health:

Interlocking Dreads

The process of interlocking dreadlocks works best for those with African or kinky hair types. Interlocking dreads is the method of placing and maintaining your locks. This method involves pulling the lock through itself from the bottom through the root creating an interlocking pattern. It is quick and easy and creates locks with a tight hold.

Other Techniques

Other locking methods include crocheting, palm rolling, back-combing, looping, extensions, and wax.

Dreadlocks Salon Appointments

All of our dreading appointments begin with a comprehensive consultation which allows us to get to know the natural texture and health of your hair. From there we will be able to set you up with a technician that can give you the dreads you want, or help you repair the ones you have.

Appointments can range from anywhere between two and six hours, depending on your hair texture, length, and thickness.

Contact Us Now for the Best Local Dreadlocks Salon

Our team of experts has been creating and maintaining beautiful, dreaded hair for years. Whether you need us to relock your dreads, or if you are looking to accomplish a dreaded look for the first time, our team has got you covered.

If you are interested in learning more about our dreadlock services, call us now at (512) 819-6266!

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Contact our professional salon dreadlock technicians for more tips and a detailed consultation prior to your appointment.

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