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Shades of Color Salon’s Natural Hair Salon

Shades of Color Salon is a natural beauty salon that focuses on the promotion of self-acceptance and love. We work closely with our clients to teach them how to care for their hair in a way that assures they always look and feel their best!

We work with all kinds of hair but specialize in working with naturally curly hair.

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Natural Curly Hair Care Is What We Are Known For!

Our team of dedicated and talented stylists is passionate about giving clients the tools they need to embrace and celebrate their natural beauty. While other hair salons may try to fix your hair problems, we are committed to showing you how beautiful your natural hair can be.

We always make certain to have the newest top-quality products on hand to ensure that you are finding the shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that work best for you.

We Work with All-Natural Hair Types

We work with all different kinds of hair because we believe it is important for everyone to learn about their natural beauty.


Curls are what we know best! As a predominate curly hair salon, we know the custom treatment that goes into taking care of curly natural hair. Curls are the most temperamental of all hair types and require just the right amount of product.

No two curls are alike! Different curls have different porosity and density. We will help you to identify your curls and show you how to care for them.

Kinks and Coils

Kinks are the driest hair type. They are very delicate and prone to damage. They must be hydrated and cannot be styled with any harsh chemicals.

Straight and Wavy

Straight and wavy hair types are resilient and often easier to apply heat and chemicals without damage. Those with straight or wavy hair may experience oily hair and scalps.

Booking an Appointment at Our Natural Beauty Salon

Booking an appointment with us is easy! Before your appointment, we will discuss what you like about your hair and how much styling you are willing to do at home. From there, we can help you to understand what your hair needs for fabulous looking hair!

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We have been studying the nature of natural hair for years and understand that each head of hair is intricately unique.

With our knowledge of different hair types and hair care, we can help you become a pro at caring for your hair in a way that will help you love it day in and day out.

To schedule an appointment and to learn more about the beauty of your natural look, call us now at (512) 819-6266!

Shades of Color Salon Natural Hair Salon

Contact our natural hair professionals for more tips and a detailed consultation prior to your appointment.

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